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Complementary Design

Bring your vision into reality.
Furnishings 411 is more than a furniture store. Our knowledgeable and talented staff can help you design your space and bring your vision into reality. We do this by offering complementary design services with every purchase.
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The Design Challenge

Designing a room can be a challenge. Beyond, "I just need a new sofa!" maybe you really don't know where to start or what you're looking for. Or perhaps you saw a beautiful photo on Pinterest or elsewhere that you want to emulate, but you don't know if that particular aesthetic will be realistic or within your budget.

That's where we come in.

Furnishings 411 is a one-stop-shop for furnishings, accessories, lighting, art, and more. Plus our staff can help you design a space that will be uniquely yours, at no additional cost.

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  • Baby's Room

How it Works

Before you come to Furnishings 411, take photos or a video of the areas that need design help. We'll look at them with you, and come up with the perfect strategy that will compliment your personality and your budget. We can even assist remotely via video chat (FaceTime). When you choose Furnishings 411, we'll help as much as possible to find exactly what you're looking for.
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Need Hands-On Interior Design?

The on-site design services at Furnishings 411 are available at no additional cost to our customers. However, if you need in-person interior design, we offer that, too. We can travel to and from your location for an in-depth design consultation with a more hands-on type approach. Our interior design service fees are determined based on time and distance. Contact us for more information!
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